The Ultimate Guide to Your Memorial Day Cookout

Invite the family, friends and neighbors, but before you fire up your SABER® Grill, we’ve got the ultimate guide to pulling off your Memorial Day cookout.

It’s that time again! Time to start planning the kickoff party for the (unofficial) start of summer! There’s nothing quite as fitting for a Memorial Day celebration than a good ole’ fashioned cookout. Invite the family, friends and neighbors, but before you fire up your SABER® grill, we’ve got the ultimate guide to planning and pulling off your event. Don that apron with confidence and prepare to go down in history as the Grill Master on the block.

Chefs grilling on SABER Infrared Grill

Photo credit: Sonya Highfield Photography

The Prep

Season. Your. Grill. Trust us. Everyone wants to get right down to the main event, but proper preparation is the make-or-break element to your grilling experience. Seasoning your grill prevents rusty grill grates, makes clean-up easier, prevents sticking and makes your food taste better. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Before turning on your grill, coat the grates with oil. Choose one with a high fat content for more flavor. Peanut and canola oil work well, as they stand up to high heat. Wipe excess with a paper towel.

2. Turn the grill on HIGH for 15-20 minutes, or until the oil starts to smoke.

3. Give yourself time to let the grill cool completely. Depending on your schedule, that may mean seasoning your grill a few hours before, or even the day before, your event.

4. Re-season regularly. After every 4-5 grill sessions, wash your grate with warm water and recoat with oil.

The Menu

Ultimately, everyone’s there to eat. Make sure your menu not only celebrates the season but takes into consideration the palates and diets of your guests. We know that, for many, grilling is all about the meat. Burgers are a cookout classic! Check out this divine burger stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon or our Black Pepper Bacon Burger with Apple Slaw.


Veggie-lover in the family? The perfect char from a SABER grill brings a summer night’s flavor to your vegetables, making them far-from-boring side dishes. Try a grilled vegetable stack, stuffed Mediterranean tomatoes, or slice up a cauliflower steak and you’ll have something for everyone.

Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes On The Grill

Oh, and don’t forget a boozy dessert.

Grilled Pound Cake with Cherry Compote

The Extras

Want to add a little extra flare to your set up? Toppings and decorations make your cookout that much more memorable. If you’re planning for hotdogs, wow your guests with some fun, regional and unique flavors (hot dogs with chipotle cheese sauce and bacon-corn relish, anyone?).

hot dogs with chipotle cheese sauce and bacon-corn relish for SABER Grills

Photo via Justine of Cooking and Beer blog.

Add to the festive aesthetics of your food by embracing a red, white and blue theme! Tablecloths, centerpieces and serving dishes can add a patriotic punch to your outdoor dining space.

The Clean Up

You’ve done it. The food and atmosphere were perfect. But, before you close the lid on the evening, don’t forget to clean your grill. It’s an easy process and it’ll keep your grill cooking properly. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Turn the grill on HIGH and close the lid for 15 minutes to burn off any remaining food debris.

2. After the grill cools, remove the ash with the SABER Grill Cleaning Brush.

3. Lightly coat the grates with high-heat cooking oil to maintain seasoning and protect the cooking surface.

Now, for the love of food, go plan the perfect cookout!


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