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How to Rotisserie A Turkey

Cooking turkey for friends and family doesn’t have to be scary. You can rotisserie turkey for a juicy, flavorful meat with these easy tips.

This post was written for SABER Grills by Chef Chris Koetke of Let’s Dish.

Turkey has to be one of the most feared birds when it comes to the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be. The secret is using a Saber® grill. For a rich smoky flavor and a perfectly browned skin, rotisserie turkey. It’s simple and easy. Just fire up the rotisserie on the Saber® grill and let it gently spin to perfection.

What Size Turkey?

Don’t buy a huge bird, as it will be to big to spin on the rotisserie. The Saber® rotisserie will spin up to 20 pounds of meat.

Brining a Turkey

Some people like to brine their turkey, which is a good idea IF it is not already brined. When you’re shopping for your turkey, check the label. If the label says something like ‘salt added’, it is already been brined. Thus, putting it into another brine makes no sense.

Otherwise, brine the bird for juicier, more flavorful meat.

Rotisserie the Turkey

Step 1. Remove any excess fat from the opening of the cavity. (And of course, remove any of the giblets.)  Cut off the tail and excess neck skin.

Step 2. Simply season the outside (and if you wish, the inside) of the turkey. Get as creative as you want. I like  to sprinkle on some rubbed sage or make a spice mix with some heat in it.

season turkey

Step 3. Bend the wings back and tuck the tips under the rest of the wing to keep the wing from flopping around on the spit.

tuck turkey wing

Step 4. Push the spit through the turkey cavity. Push the turkey to the center of the rod to make sure that it is evenly weighted so it spins easily. Secure the turkey well onto the spit.

turkey on rotisserie rod

Step 5. Insert one fork into the breast portion of the bird. Secure the turkey onto the fork so that it is roughly in the middle of the bird.

Setting a turkey on a rotisserie

Step 6. Insert the longer ends of the other cage into the thigh. At the same time, push the end of the legs under the cage  to secure them. Be sure when you do this that you also insert the prongs as deeply as possible into the turkey, and remember to keep the bird centered on the spit.

inserting rotisserie forks on turkey

Step 7. Tie good, strong butcher’s twine around the wings and the breast and secure it tightly so that the wings are snug against the turkey.

tie turkey wings on rotisserie

Step 8. Put the spit on the Saber and start it spinning. Keep the heat on low during the entire cooking process. As the turkey cooks, the string may burn off. If it does or if other parts start to loosen up (like the legs), simply and strategically insert long wooden skewers to help the turkey keep its shape. *As the turkey cooks it may shrink, which means you may have to  periodically loosen the cages and readjust them. Do this by simply  pushing them further into the turkey, and then tightening them.

rotisserie turkey

The best part of the Saber® rotisserie is that you don’t really have to do anything during the cooking time. You don’t even have to baste the turkey.

Remove the turkey when it registers about 160° F in the deepest part of the breast. Remove the forks, and let it rest for about 15 minutes before carving it up.

cook rotisserie turkey to 165
how to rotisserie turkey

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