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How To Roast Peppers on the Grill

There really is no end to how you can enjoy roasted peppers. But how do you roast peppers to begin with? Learn how from Chef Chris Koetke.

This post was written for SABER Infrared Grills by Chef Chris Koetke of Let’s Dish.

Just coming back from Spain where I ate roasted red peppers every day (pretty much breakfast, lunch, and dinner!), I was reminded about just how good they are. At the same time, I also reflected on the fact that home-made roasted red peppers are simply 100 times more delicious than roasted red peppers in jars or cans. And it is really easy to roast (or rather, grill) red peppers on the SABER Grill. I would encourage you to put more roasted red peppers in your diet—just like they do in Spain.

roasted red peppers from saber grill

Roasting peppers (or for that matter, peppers of any color) is a 3 step process:

1. The first step requires intense heat to char the skin. Grill the whole peppers over high heat, turning them frequently. Ideally, all of the skin becomes charred and blistered. The charring gives the peppers their unique flavor. You can also try smoking the peppers at the same time by adding wood chips to the grill. If you are smoking the peppers while they char, be sure to keep the grill lid closed as much as possible.

2. The second step is steaming. As soon as you remove the peppers from the grill, place them in a bowl and cover securely with plastic wrap. Leave the peppers for around 30 minutes. This steaming step softens the peppers and loosens the skin. This step is critical for Step 3.

3. The third step is peeling. Just grab the pepper and, using a paring knife, simply pull the skin from the flesh. Once the skin is removed, open up the pepper to remove the seeds. It is kind of a messy process, but again, very easy to do. Once the pepper is opened up, remove the stem and scrape out the seeds with a paring knife. Some sources recommend peeling the skin under running water. This is a bad idea for 2 reasons: it wastes a lot of water and removes the flavor from the peppers!

peeling red peppers

Scraping seeds out of red pepper

Once the peppers are roasted, there is no end to how you can enjoy them. To get you in the mood for some roasted red peppers, here are some ideas:

  • Turn them into a salad with vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever other flavors you would like to add.
  • Put them on your favorite sandwich or panini.
  • Puree them in a blender with some broth for a quick sauce.
  • Grind them with some garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil for a spread for crackers or toasted bread.
  • Chop them for bruschettas.
  • Stuff them inside of a chicken breast.


Are you hungry now? Good. Grab some red peppers and head to the grill!

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