Cedar Planked Salmon

How To Grill Cedar Planked Salmon

Think you’re doomed to another grilled fish fail? Our cedar planked salmon recipe cooked over the high heat of a SABER Grill will come out perfectly every time.

This post and recipe was written for SABER® Infrared Grills by Chef Chris Koetke of Let’s Dish.

In America, there are a number of dishes that have existed for hundreds of years. Cedar planked salmon, originally from the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, is one of these famous dishes. At its origin, it was an indigenous way of cooking/smoking salmon fillets on fresh cedar slabs over a live fire. Thankfully, this wonderful dish has been popularized across America and is ideal for the high heat of a SABER® Grill.

Planked salmon is actually really simple to make.

Step 1. Soak the cedar planks in water, wine or juice for one to two hours.

Step 2. Rub your fish in a little olive oil and seasonings.

Step 3. Remove the planks from the liquid and pat dry.

Step 4. Place the plank on the hot grill and grill one side for about two minutes. Flip the plank.

Step 5. Place your fish on the plank. If you’re cooking a fish with the skin, place the skin-side down.

Step 6. Grill with the lid down until the fish is cooked through. The wood will make loud popping noises as it cooks and will char on the edges.

The high heat of the grill is essential to char the wood, which creates the rich cedar aroma and flavor.

Serve the fish from the plank tableside. Enjoy as is or with an assortment of different condiments or sauces.

Note: Be absolutely sure that they are not treated in any way! Be safe and use planks sold specifically for grilling.

Brushing seasoned salmon with butter

Cedar planked salmon on grill

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