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How to Clean a Saber Grill

Follow these tips to keep your grill in tip-top shape for all of your outdoor gatherings!

With birthdays, graduations and BBQs firing back-to-back, your grill has been put to the test. Sizzling steaks, ribs slathered in sauce and juicy burgers with cheese dripping down the side are probably just a few of the grill delicacies you’ve enjoyed.

However, once the eating was done and the food packed up, did you take the time to clean your grill? And if so, did you do it correctly?

Happily, SABER® Infrared Grills are among the easiest to clean. Follow these cleaning tips below and your grill will remain in tip-top shape for your next gathering.

After each use: 

  • Turn the grill to HIGH and close the lid to burn off any food debris that remains on the grates.  After about 15 minutes, the debris will turn to ash that can be easily removed with the SABER® Grill Cleaning Brush once the grill cools.
  • Follow up with a light coat of high-heat cooking oil to maintain the seasoning on the grates and protect the cooking surface.



  • Remove the grates from the grill and clean the underlying emitter plates with a wire brush to remove debris.
  • To maintain your grill’s appearance, wash with mild detergent and warm water, or use a stainless steel grill polish.

That’s it! For additional information about storing your grill or cleaning the burner assembly, check out more of our maintenance and care tips for your SABER® Infrared Grill.

Saber Infrared Grill

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