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How To Check Doneness of Meat: The Touch Test

Grilling a steak to “just right” may seem hard to achieve at times, but learn this one trick to easily check doneness of meat and it won’t be so elusive.

Grilling meat to that “just right” and oh-so-delicious temperature may seem elusive at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Of course you can use a digital thermometer to check doneness of meat, but there’s one little trick we love that doesn’t require any additional tools: The Touch Test.

Colleen Kennedy, one of our talented SABER® Grillers, introduced this tip in her “Grilling With Kids: Teaching The Basics” blog post. The Touch Test relies on comparing the feeling of grilled meat to the fleshy part of your palm. We thought this trick would not only be useful to kids learning to grill, but to adults (aren’t we just “older kids” though, really?) as well. Learn how to do the touch test in Colleen’s “cheat sheet” below.

How To Check Doneness of Meat: The Touch Test

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