Avocado Toast with Mozzarella and Tomatoes

Grilled Avocado Toast

Grill avocado toast on a SABER grill for out-of-the-box toast turned meal. Top it with your favorite seasonings, cheeses or protein for more flavor.

This Grilled Avocado Toast recipe was made and written for SABER Grills by Colleen Kennedy of Souffle Bombay. Bon appétit!

The craze of Avocado Toast has been one that has been sweeping across the country for the last two years.  Avocado Toast may very well be the most “Instagramed” food to-date.


What’s not to love? Avocado on bread with a variety of toppings. The possibilities are just about endless!

In addition to the health benefits of avocados, they are versatile. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. They cook great on a skillet, in the oven or on a hot SABER® grill.

When it comes to grilled avocado toast, think outside of the traditional “toast”. You could grill up plain white bread. But, how about croissants, ciabatta, naan, bagels, pita’s or seasoned flatbread? Any vehicle you can “toast” will work.

And using your SABER® grill to do the toasting is a great idea! It’s quick and simple. You can easily toast for one or two or an entire crowd all at once. Mix up the choices and create an Avocado Toast Bar. From simple topping to something more spectacular, it all works!


Avocado Mango Toast (Flatbread)


Edamame Avocado Toast Topped with Jalapenos & Crumbled Cojita Cheese (Cibatta)

Avocado Toast with Mozzarella & Tomatoes and a Sprinkle of Red Onion (Croissant)

Avocado Toast with Mozzarella & Tomatoes and a Sprinkle of Red Onion (Croissant)

Hosting a brunch or a bridal shower??

How about Bloody Mary’s and a Grilled Avocado Toast Bar? That would be memorable!

Use your grill to toast all types of breads. Offer a bowl of smashed avocados with plenty of toppings – jalapeños, cheeses (goat, cojita, feta, and mozzarella), chopped strawberries and mangoes, micro greens, diced tomatoes, bacon, seeds, chopped red and Vidalia onions, scallions, shrimp and jumbo lump crab. If pomegranates are in season, they also make for a great topping!

Don’t forget seasonings, too. Salt and and pepper will suffice for many, but others may want a little extra sugar or spice. Cayenne pepper is perfect for those that like a kick.  Don’t forget one of my favorite toppings…Balsamic glaze and Sriracha…you have to have Sriracha. Mmmm-mmm!

People will love an avocado bar!

Avocado Toast Recipe

Avocado toast doesn’t require a traditional recipe. Simply decide on bread (traditional, croissant halves, pita’s flatbread, naan, etc), and use ripe avocados and mash them with the back of a fork adding in a squeeze of fresh lime and salt & pepper. If you want it a little spice, add in a pinch of Cayenne, Vulcan’s Fire Salt or Sriracha salt. Yum!

You can make the avocado mash an hour ahead, however cover tightly with wrap and make sure the wrap touches the surface of the mashed avocados to prevent browning.

When ready to feat, grill the breads just until lightly browned in spots or grill marks appear, then get to assembling!  Enjoy!!

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