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Four More Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

Sitting inside your cozy home on a snowy night, you realize you want a steak. What do you do? Get our tips for grilling in inclement weather and get out there!

Sitting inside your cozy home one night, you realize two things: It’s snowing, and you want a steak. So what do you do? We previously posted these cold weather grilling tips, but apparently we left some out. Thanks to all the cold-weather grilling experts who wrote us with the additional tips below to make even a blizzard of a grilling experience enjoyable.

Use a meat thermometer. Is that sizzle coming off the grill due to a perfectly cooked steak, or sleet and snow hitting the grill? Use a meat thermometer to avoid potentially dangerous, undercooked meats.

Shoe on. Shoe off. You can spend 20 minutes preparing all the materials you need to grill but, if you’re like most folks, you’ll likely forget a few items. Get on your spouse’s good side and either have separate pairs of shoes for inside and outside, or have shoes you can quickly slip on and off to avoid dragging in snow or mud.

Have a timer handy. Keep a timer handy so you know when to check your food. Five minutes seems a lot longer than it really is when standing in freezing cold weather.

Use the weather to your advantage. How about making an outdoor freezer with beverages and cold snacks to save some space in your indoor freezer? Fill a cooler with snow and keep it outside to make drinks frosty. Beer and grilling isn’t just for the summer months.

While SABER advises against grilling in potentially dangerous weather conditions like lightning storms, know that you don’t have to stop using your grill just because it’s cold or wet. Our ancestors cooked in cold weather—we can too!

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