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grilled prime rib

How To Grill The BEST Prime Rib

Making a perfect prime rib at home is easier than you think, grilling it gives it even more flavor.

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turkey brine

Holiday Grilling: Turkey Brine

If you’re not brining your turkey before Thanksgiving dinner, you’re doing it wrong. Get the best brine recipe for the juiciest, most flavorful bird.

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Salt Block Grilled Steak and Shrimp Skewers Appetizer

A fun, hands-on surf and turf appetizer cooked on a hot Himalayan salt block.

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grilled vegetables

Best Vegetables to Grill

Grilled vegetables make perfect side dishes for any meal. It enhances the natural flavors and it's healthy.

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grilled pork chops

How to Grill Perfect Pork Chops

Grilled pork chops can dry quickly, but with these simple tips, you can cook grilled chops. Grill the right cut, use a marinade or brine and grill to 145°F.

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grilled tomahawk steak

How to Grill Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk steak is a large, Fred Flintstone style steak sure to impress your guests in both size and flavor, especially when grilled on a SABER® grill.

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grilled halibut

How to Grill Lean Fish

Grill lean fish just as easily as fatty fish with a little oil and know how. Check out these tips from Chef Chris Koetke for a perfectly seared lean fish.

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grilled salmon

5 Hot Tips For Grilling In Cold Weather

Today’s grillers know no boundaries when it comes to firing up the grill. Check out our tips to get the most out of your grill during these chilly winter months.

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saber grill in winter

Four More Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

Sitting inside your cozy home on a snowy night, you realize you want a steak. What do you do? Get our tips for grilling in inclement weather and get out there!

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How To Grill The Perfect Steak on a SABER Infrared Grill

How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Every master griller has their own way of preparing the perfect steak. Ryan Bloom of Urban Bonfire shares his no-fail recipe for a sizzling and mouth-watering seared steak.

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SABER Infrared Grill

Grilling Seafood on a Griddle

If you haven't used a griddle to cook seafood - or any food - before, you're going to instantly love the simplicity and ease it offers.

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spicy grilled mushrooms and bacon in cast iron pan on grill

Cooking in Cast Iron on a Grill

You can make almost anything cooking in cast iron on a grill. But if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it, it might be a little daunting. Here’s what you need to know.

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Best Types of Wood to Use for Smoking Meat on a Gas Grill

With so many types available, how do you find the best wood chips for smoking on a gas grill? Chef Koetke breaks it down and gives tips on the best foods to pair with each.

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rub grates with oil

Easy Steps to Seasoning Your Grill Grates

Season grill grates before and after you grill, will prevent rust, make cleaning easier and make your food taste better. Here's how to do it.

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grilled steak

Battle Stations, Everyone. Grilling Season Is Coming!

You shouldn’t wait for your first cookout to prep for grilling season. Get our helpful tips to get ahead of the game and be ready for a season of fun.

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Grilled and sliced brisket

How to Grill a Brisket

In the world of slow cooked meats, brisket is the grand-pappy, a sheer culinary beauty! Here's how to cook the perfect brisket.

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Pink Himalayan Salt

Grilling with Super Salts

Without salt, food just tastes bland and uninteresting. Chef Chris Koetke shares the best salt to use to enhance your cooking and grilling experience.

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grilled fish

Tips for Paleo Grilling: How to SABER® Like It’s the Stone Age

The mantra of the Paleo diet is: If a Caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you. Here are our top tips for Paleo grilling.

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Cedar Planked Salmon

How To Grill Cedar Planked Salmon

Think you're doomed to another grilled fish fail? Our cedar planked salmon recipe cooked over the high heat of a SABER Grill will come out perfectly every time.

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grilled fish

Eat Healthy with Grilled Fish – Tips for Grilling Fish

Grilled fish is healthy, delicious, and able to be flavored in many ways, but many find grilling fish to be frustrating. Here's how to do it right.

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tofu in a bowl

How to Grill Tofu

Stay with us here. If you give it a try, grilled tofu is a game changer when it comes to preparing non-meat proteins. We'll show you how it's done.

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SABER Infrared Grill

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gas Grill

Getting the most out of your gas grill comes down to efficiency, features and price. Here's what to do and what to avoid to get the most out of your grill.

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Grilled crab cake sandwich

How to Make Grilled Crab Cakes

Cue: Mission Impossible theme song. We’re about to defy culinary odds by showing you how to grill crab cakes without losing a single ounce of precious meat.

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steaks with grill marks on SABER Infrared Grill

5 Steps to Picture-Perfect Grill Marks

You cook a mean filet that rivals even the most expensive steakhouse in town. Yet, you still can’t get those perfect grill marks? We've got you covered.

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Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Grilling With Kids: Favorite Fruits & Veggies On The Grill

Grilling with kids may lend itself to a steady diet of hot dogs and hamburgers in the summer, but these tips will help you sneak in fruits and veggies.

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reverse sear steak

How to Reverse Sear on a Gas Grill

There's nothing wrong with a reverse sear, but if you’re looking for the taste of a fine restaurant steak, your SABER grill gets the job done every time.

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smoke wood chips

Best Way to Smoke Wood Chips on a Saber Grill

When grilling on a SABER grill, should you use a pan to smoke wood chips or just put the chips right on the grates? Get our answer here.

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Kids learning to grill banner

How To Check Doneness of Meat: The Touch Test

Grilling a steak to "just right" may seem hard to achieve at times, but learn this one trick to easily check doneness of meat and it won't be so elusive.

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Kids learning to grill banner

Grilling With Kids: Teaching The Basics

Grilling with kids and teaching them the basics helps to take any fear they have of the grill away and set them on a path to a life fill with delicious meals.

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roasted red pepper from grill

How To Roast Peppers on the Grill

There really is no end to how you can enjoy roasted peppers. But how do you roast peppers to begin with? Learn how from Chef Chris Koetke.

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pork chop

Brine Pork Chops Before You Grill

When grilled, pork chops will easily dry out. But if you brine pork chops before grilling, you'll find that they stay juicy and full of flavor.

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Grilled Lollipop Chicken Legs

5 Tips For Taking Great Food Photos

Whether you snap food photos for fun, for a personal blog, or for a business website, you're going to need some eye-catching photography.

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cuts of meat

Understanding The Different Cuts of Beef

The meat section of the grocery store can be daunting. But, learning some meat basics will help to open up additional possibilities to your culinary lexicon.

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grilled fish

Benefits of Grilling with Fatty Foods

In today’s low-cal, low-fat crazed world, this article title seems simply wrong. But fat has its role in the kitchen and certainly on the grill.

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Grilling lobster

Tips for Grilling Shellfish

We don't grill enough shellfish. Why? Is it because you're comfortable with it? Check out these tips on grilling lobster, clams, oysters and shrimps.

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saber dual sideburner

How to Use a Grill Side Burner

One of the most under used pieces of outdoor cooking equipment is the forgotten side burner. Here are three reasons to get a side burner on your grill.

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clean saber grill grates

How to Clean a Saber Grill

Follow these tips to keep your grill in tip-top shape for all of your outdoor gatherings!

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basting meat on grill

Baste or Glaze Food on the Grill

What’s the difference between basting and glazing? Chef Koetke has got the answer! Let’s face it—sometimes, cooking can be confusing. What does it mean to baste something? What does it mean to make a glaze? And what in the world is the difference? Master Chef Chris Koetke explains everything you need to know to make […]

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Tips for Grilling Ribs

Whether you choose Spare, Baby Back, or Short…the key to grilling any type of ribs is to cook them low and slow. Check out this video with Chef Chris Koetke as he gives some helpful tips for grilling ribs. Ready to get grilling? Check out these Top 10 Rub Recipes and enjoy some ribs!

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bowl of salt

The Magic of Grilling with Salt

Salt. It’s a staple seasoning in every kitchen. But do you know just how powerful it can be when you use it while grilling? One of salt’s greatest uses comes from what happens when you combine it with raw protein. Take raw hamburger meat, for example. When you mix salt with meat, the proteins from […]

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Chili peppers

Cooking With Chili Peppers

Cooking with chili peppers adds a burst of spicy flavor to your grilled dishes and what makes it so fun is that they’re so versatile. You can choose to use fresh chili peppers or dried chili peppers, each bringing their own distinct flavor profile to a dish. If you’re not a heat seeker though, don’t […]

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Rotisserie chicken

How To Cut A Whole Chicken

More often than not, we buy chicken in the store pre-cut and by the bag-full. Not only can this get pricey, but you also miss out on many of the best parts of a chicken (and the chance to make your own chicken stock!). Buying a whole chicken can be a daunting task however, especially […]

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avocados growing on tree

How to Grill Avocados

Chef Chris Koetke had the opportunity to visit an avocado orchard on one of his many trips to Mexico. “First of all, these huge 30 and 40-foot trees were all in various states of bloom. On one tree you’d see flower buds alongside hard, tiny little marble-shaped fruits and then small, medium and large avocados […]

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basting meat on grill

Brine or Marinate?

It’s true that both brines and marinades add a wonderful punch of flavor to meat. But do you know when to use each and why? Chef Chris Koetke explains when you should brine meat and when you should marinate it in this short video. (Skip to the summary below if you’re just too antsy to […]

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lobster on grill

How To Grill Lobster

If you want to impress your guests, grilled lobster will do the trick! And lucky for you, it's actually quite easy. Serve it solo or paired with steak and you'll be everyone's favorite place to hang out on the weekend.

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