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Best Way to Smoke Wood Chips on a Saber Grill

When grilling on a SABER grill, should you use a pan to smoke wood chips or just put the chips right on the grates? Get our answer here.

What is the best way to smoke wood chips on a SABER® Grill?

Adding a smoky flavor to your grilled meat isn’t just a charcoal or smoker thing. You can add wood chips to your gas grill for a similar effect. And with SABER, it’s super easy.

You can add wood chips to your gas grill one of a few ways.

  1. Homemade foil packet
  2. Smoker box
  3. Add wood chips directly on the grates (ideal smoking method on a SABER® grill)

When smoking with your SABER® grill, place a small handful of wood chips directly on the grates, in-between the bars on the cooking grate.

You don’t need to wet the wood chips, but if you’re grilling on a windy day, the soaked wood chips can help the smoking process.

Use wood chips or pellets over wood chunks. The larger wood chunks have too much surface area exposed and may burn instead of smoke.

Experiment with different wood flavors. Different types of wood pair better with different meats. For example, you want to use a lighter wood with more delicate meat, like an apple smoked chicken.

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