How often should I check for gas leaks and how do I perform a gas leak test?

You should always perform a leak test when the propane tank is replaced, moved or when replacing the hose and regulator.

LP Cylinder Leak Test

For your safety

  • Leak test must be repeated each time LP cylinder is exchanged or refilled.
  • Do not smoke during leak test.
  • Grill must be leak tested outdoors in a well-ventilated area, away from ignition sources such as gas fired or electrical appliances.  During leak test, keep grill away from open flames or sparks.
  • Use a clean paintbrush and a 50/50 mild soap and water solution.  Brush soapy solution onto areas indicated by arrows in figure below.

Leak Testing Valves, Hoses and Regulator

  1. Turn all control knobs to the OFF position.
  2. Be sure regulator is tightly connected to the LP cylinder.
  3. Completely open LP cylinder valve by turning hand wheel counterclockwise.  If you hear a rushing sound, turn gas off immediately.  There is a major leak at the connection.  Correct before proceeding.
  4. Brush soapy solution onto area circled below, or other similar fittings on your grill.
  5. If “growing” bubbles appear there is a leak.  Close LP cylinder valve immediately and retighten connections.  If leaks cannot be stopped do not try to repair.  Call for replacement parts.
  6. Always close LP cylinder valve after performing leak test by turning hand wheel clockwise.