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Maintenance and Care

How do I clean the burner tubes and burner ports?


Follow these instructions to clean and/or replace parts of burner assembly or if you have trouble igniting grill.

1.   Turn gas OFF at control knobs and LP cylinder or Natural Gas supply line.

2.   Remover cooking grates and emitters.

3.   Remover carryover tubes.

4.   Detach electrode from burner with a flat blade screwdriver.

5.   Carefully lift each burner up and away from valve openings. 

   a.   We suggest three ways to clean the burner tubes.  Use the one easiest for you.

         i.   Bend a stiff wire (a light weight coat hanger works well) into a small hook.  Run the hook through each burner several times.

         ii.      Use a narrow bottle brush with a flexible handle (do not use a brass wire brush), run the brush through each burner tuber several times.

         iii.      Wear eye protection: use and air hose to force air into the burner tube and out the burner ports.  Check each port to make sure air comes out each hole.

6.   Wire brush entire outer surface of burner to remove food residue and dirt.

7.   Clean any blocked ports with a stiff wire such as an open paper clip.

8.   Check burner for damage.  Due to normal wear and corrosion, some holes may become enlarged.  If any large cracks or holes are found, replace burner.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Burner tubes must re-engage valve openings.  See illustration below.

Correct burner-to-valve engagement

9.       Attach electrode to burner.

10.    Carefully replace burners.

11.    Attach burners to brackets on firebox.

12.    Reposition carryover tubes and attach to burners.  Replace emitters and cooking grates.

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