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Why do I get low gas flow when I connect my natural gas grill to my natural gas line?


In most cases the grills in the market now are convertible between propane (LP) and natural gas (NG). To convert your grill, please make sure you purchase the SABER® EZNG™ Natural Gas Conversion Kit specified for your grill. The specified conversion kit model number is listed on the rating label of your grill.

SABER® built-in grills are sold as Natural Gas.

If conversion to natural gas has resulted in lower than expected temperatures please call your local gas company for a service visit. Only the local gas company can determine if the proper pressure is being delivered to the grill. If your grill has more than 65,000 BTU’s, a 3/8” hose may not allow enough gas to flow. In this case a 1/2” hose is recommended.

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